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Life Time is the nations premier health club – operating 140+ resort-like clubs across the U.S. The member site delivers 1 million+ members functional and engaging content meant to drive club visits & encourage healthy choices.

Digital Design Director / Periodically lead designer / Periodically UI designer  / Collaborative UX’er


The visual language

Life Time develops individual brands for their main service areas — with many of them in a constant state of change. The digital design team started by identifying foundational elements from the master brand to build upon while designing new responsive elements and components that simplified and focused the visual language.


Designed to scale

Each Life Time club is unique. We took a systamatic approach to component and page design — ensuring that components and pages would gracefully adapt to varying levels of content and functional ability.


Navigation & wayfinding

Over 80% of Life Time members use one club – so getting them to their club site was a key factor to a positive user experience. We worked collaboratively with the UX team — iterating on the experience through beta, alpha and primary site launch.


Class schedules

The first of three major releases before the full launch of the site, class & facility schedules were built from the ground up. Days in view adjust based on the device. Members can use filters, save favorite searches and view class details from each class card.

member_class schedules_mobile_v1
member_class schedules_filters_v1

Programs & services

We designed flexible page templates for Life Time's 20+ program and service areas. Secondary navigation was designed to support depth and breadth across the businesses.


The teams

User Experience

Done while at Life Time

2014 - 2016

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