Life Time Alpha Training

To compete with the likes of CrossFit and capitalize on the growing functional training trend, Life Time set out to create a new training program. I partnered with writer, Todd Norum to craft the voice, identity and visual language for the new program and help launch it nationwide.

Designer / Associate Creative Director


Identity process

Creating a badge of honor

It seemed as if a logomark could become a badge of honor for members; a symbol and bragging rights for an exclusive club of fitness elite. Sketching moved quickly to refinement and presentation of three "A" logomark directions. 


Solidifying the visual system

To help solidify foundational visual elements, the identity was extended to a number of conceptual touchpoints.


Master & secondary logos 

Unique letterforms make up the wordmark, which was then extended to the secondary Training and Showdown logos.  

Photography & photo art direction

We hired David Ellis to capture moments from year one of Alpha Showdown. Competitors were timed while moving through a series of stations that test their strength, technical form and endurance.


Print collateral

Trainer-led. Pocket-sized.

We put collateral into the hands of trainers in-club to promote the new training program and event.


Pitch Book

Brand meets blue sky

To help generate excitement for the new program, we designed an internal-facing brand and blue sky concept book for our business partners to present to Life Time executives. 



Writer – Todd Norum
Creative Director – Tom Kunau
Photographer – David Ellis

Completed while at Life Time


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