I am an independent designer & director based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've spent the last 15+ years bringing digital, brand and physical experiences to life from concept to completion. 

I recently held director-level design positions at Life Time — leading the digital design team for four years and then working directly with executives in a design innovation role. 

What I do

On the simplest level, I partner with business leaders, entrepreneurs, writers, strategists and technologists to design and deliver digital and brand experiences.

I have always been fascinated by human behavior, and believe understanding how people use things is not reserved only for those in user experience. I'm comfortable blurring the lines between user experience, brand and strategy.  

In the end, I get excited about making the right thing to solve the right problem. 


User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Component Libraries
Style Guide Development


Corporate Communications
Business Collateral
Publication Design

Branded Environments


Identity Development

Design Systems
Art Direction
Creative Direction

Who I work for

Agencies & in-house departments

I freelance for agencies, studios and corporate in-house departments. My value for agencies & departments can come in a few forms. My experience leading design teams, leading projects, working with teams or working independently gives agencies flexibility as projects and staff needs fluctuate. In addition, I can wear multiple hats on digital projects – going deep in UX, building components/scalable UI systems and developing concepts with a brand/story telling or photography focus.

Entrepeneurs & business leaders

I also work with clients directly – partnering with business leaders, entrepeneurs and companies who believe in the value of good design. When neccessary, I can leverage my network of developers, writers, photographers, etc. to scale — building a team around specific project needs.

Studio Bjerketvedt

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